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Errata for Butcher and Cotter's The Elements of Nonlinear Optics (Cambridge University Press, 1990)

This is the errata for the book which I in 2003 used as course literature when I gave a course in nonlinear optics at the Royal Institute of Technology. In my opinion, Butcher and Cotter's book is the best and most pedagogical in theoretical nonlinear optics, and the compiled errata is based on the notes which I have collected in my personal copy of the book since 1996.

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The Butcher and Cotter convention of nonlinear optical susceptibilities

This is a brief summary of the "Butcher and Cotter convention" of nonlinear optical susceptibilities, attempting to catch the elegant way of dealing with the various degeneracy factors which appear in nonlinear optics.

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Replacing the hard disk drive of an Apple PowerBook G4

Replacing the hard disk of an Apple PowerBook G4 (12" screen) is cumbersome, but with some care it nevertheless is a straightforward task.

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Configuring a local apache server under OS X 10.3 (Panther)

When editing PHP scripts, it is rather convenient to be able to "dry run" the code locally, without having to upload them onto your web host each time. On Apple OS X 10.3 (Panther), the configuration of a local Apache server is rather simple, as the system is delivered with a pre-installed server which only has to be configured for your local needs.

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Configuring a local apache server under OS X 10.7 (Lion)

This is an update to account for the changes in server configuration between OS X 10.3 and 10.7.

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(X)HTML Entities For Special Characters

A compilation of useful (X)HTML character codes.

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My public PGP key

Use this public key for any PGP-encrypted messages you wish to send me.

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My Geek Signature

The geek signature of the author of this web site.

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Reference cards

Reference cards

A collection of reference cards, covering TeX, Emacs, C and PHP.

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Video clips

Povel Ramel and Martin Ljung in »Var är tvålen»

Most possibly the best Swedish music video ever produced.

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