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This is the home page for a genealogy database covering the Jonsson (Västerljung), Eriksson (Säfsnäs/Västerljung), Broman (Fårö), and Lundgren (Gotland) branches of our family tree. Unless you already know the person you are looking for, a suggested starting point is the Jonsson/Hansson family tree. Otherwise, use the advanced search form or the simplified search function below. Another option is, of course, to browse the list of surnames.

Any additions, corrections, photos or documents are very much welcomed. Please contact me if you have any information to share. Virtually none of the information in this database has been gathered or researched by me in person - most of the data has been kindly supplied by relatives, to which due credit hereby is gratefully expressed.


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Note about living individuals: For security and privacy reasons, this website does not display birthdates or other personal information of individuals believed to be living. Family members can be authorised with login accounts to view details. Contact me if you wish to sign up for a user account.

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Last modified Friday 18 Nov 2011